Black Diamond Heart Halos

The Earring Halo was created to enhance our playful side and match them with any of our Studs to provide the wearer a second design with her Studs.

Designer's note :
Alice van Cal Fine Jewellery is meant to bring joy and happiness to its wearer. In these challenging times, I really wanted to try to support parents needing help raising their young children in my adopted home city, London.
The unprecedented crisis we are experiencing at the moment will put many families in challenging situations.
Having two babies of my own, I understand how parents want to give the best chances to their children and I hope we can assist by offering them material help.
I have designed the black diamond heart halos to remind us to bring joy to young children and to always remember that Love is the most powerful of all our assets.
Design details:
Black Diamond Heart Halos in grain setting
Carat weight: 0.39ct for the pair
18K Black Rhodium Gold
*Please note, this halo design is sold for each ear individually, so each single halo and stud design is offered as two pieces for each ear. 
 * The Heart halos design can be worn with any studs from size 0.20ct up to 1ct.
100 per cent of the profits of the Black Diamond Heart Halos are going to support Covid19 charities: WellChild and Imperial Health Charity.

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