The Founder

Born in Brussels, Alice grew up around friends who introduced her to Antwerp’s famous diamond district, where some of her earliest memories were discovering and investigating these rare natural treasures. It was a full circle moment when, years later, her grandparents gifted her first diamond for her 22nd birthday. Alice’s love of stones began there, propelling her desires to gain access into the jewellery world.

This would soon after see her arrive in London where the foundations of Alice Van Cal really began to be built. Alice found her place as a protégé at Baume & Mercier and it was the surroundings that inspired her to begin her own brand, she shared the same walls with the artisans of the Cartier workshop which allowed her to gain exclusive insight to the craft of fine jewellery making, and most importantly, ignite the spark she had to bring her designs to life. It was the then head of the Cartier workshop who noticed Alice’s passion and chose to take her under his wing – he taught her the importance of the craft she now practices today with her own flare. Her signature four-in-one jewellery design ‘The Alice’ was born within this time, and still remains her most popular design today.

She now resides in Monaco with her family, and since the launch of her company in 2018, Alice has sought to create jewellery that is not only beautiful but versatile, meaningful and timeless. Sourcing the finest materials and applying her meticulous attention to detail in their design, Alice ensures that each piece is as durable as the longevity of the memory it promises to hold. It is her mission to create unique pieces that hold true significance and can be worn and treasured each and every day.

The Brand

Alice Van Cal designs fine jewellery to encourage her clients to recognise gratitude in life’s daily beauty. Her precious creations are to be worn as a reminder that no matter where we find ourselves, life is an exciting journey where, frequently, what one is searching for already exists within you.

It is Alice’s mission to create unique pieces formed by spiritual principles that enable the wearer to find their innermost peace and uphold the true significance of ‘all you have is all you need’. Symbolically and visually, the versatile, meaningful and timeless designs were created to be worn and treasured every day with our core values guided by gratitude.

Alice Van Cal’s jewellery is crafted to the highest standards and features her signature invisible clasp as well as ‘The Alice’, a patent pending design that can be worn as a necklace, bracelet, earring drop and a hand jewel, from dusk through dawn, exuding divinity from inside and out. The durability within her jewels remains a priority in the design process, which is what inspired the invisible clasp, bezel-set stones and why many pieces are scattered with pavé diamonds and gemstones. These qualities empower Alice Van Cal’s fine jewellery to be worn incredibly comfortably and safely each and every day, as the designer intended.

Alongside her craft, Alice is pursuing an education in Lithotherapy where she is studying the natural healing practice that utilises stones, crystals, and minerals to improve physical, mental, and emotional health. She is also studying to become a colour analyst which, beside the knowledge in the power of stones, means she designs with the upmost intention and can help her wearers discover their inner peace in the most authentic way.

Each piece of Alice Van Cal jewellery has been personally energised under full moons, only sending the creations out into the world when the stones are recharged and abundant with their healing properties. So not only are you receiving something that looks beautiful, but you are investing in yourself by wearing a piece of jewellery that will help unlock the inner peace you may be searching for.

Inspired by the awareness that the path of spiritual growth is constant, Alice’s purpose is to translate life’s emotions through her jewellery, which can be seen through the full colour spectrum the precious gemstones have to offer. Find rainbow spectrums abundant with the likes of multi-coloured sapphires, iolites, peridots, rubies and diamonds in soft, gradient colourways – a reflection of how we all evolve on our individual paths. The search for one’s internal evolution and inner peace is a true continuum of all the emotions life throws at us and has been mirrored through Alice’s bold expressions of colour in her creations.


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