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Birthstone Guide

January – Garnet

A note from Alice: 

“Associated with love’s return, garnet is believed to bring health, wealth and good fortune to those who wear it – wear garnet as a promise to remain true to yourself or another. Healing properties surrounding garnets are also associated with boosting energy, improving circulation and promoting emotional balance. Our Chroma Cocktail Ring in garnet and signature Anima Necklace designs are my favourite ways to wear garnet, bringing a pop of colour to January blues”

Resembling pomegranate seeds, garnet is the stone of the goddess Persephone, Queen of the Underworld and wife of Hades. Fearing he would lose her forever, Hades gave Persephone a handful of pomegranate seeds to eat as she left the underworld to return to the light, thus guaranteeing her return. Persephone remained above the ground for two thirds of the year and returned each winter to the underworld. Garnet, like the pomegranate, has come to symbolise eternity and is believed to remove the distance between lovers and promise a safe return when travelling

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February – Amethyst

A note from Alice: 

“I believe amethysts are one of the most powerful stones you can keep close to you. Wear an amethyst for emotional strength, spiritual protection and clarity of thought. Amethysts are also usually associated with peace, protection and psychic abilities – opening up the mind and bringing clarity to the wearer. My favourite ways to wear this stone are through our amethyst Stud Earrings or the signature Anima Necklace with a heart-shaped stone in the centre, keeping it close to your chest so you can get the most from the power of the stone”

This sparkling stone was once an equally stunning young woman named Amethyst. On the way to the temple of Artemis - goddess of the hunt, the moon and protector of young women -  she encountered Dionysus, god of wine, revelry and transcendence. She cried out to Artemis for protection from his drunken advances and was instantly turned into a glittering column of pure white quartz. As Dionysus wept with remorse, he knocked over his cup of wine and stained what was once the hem of Amethyst’s dress, purple. The word ‘amethyst’ derives from the Ancient Greek for ‘not intoxicated’. The stone was used in the ancient world to make drinking goblets -  in the belief that they would prevent hangovers - and worn as amulets to protect against headaches.

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March – Aquamarine

A note from Alice: 

“Aquamarines, or better known the "Stone of the Sea" is believed to bring serenity, clarity and courage. It's associated with soothing emotions, enhancing communication and, not only is it beautiful to look at, it is said to alleviate stress, calm the mind, and support overall well-being. Particularly benefiting the throat and respiratory system, aquamarines also provide clarity of expression, allowing us to speak more freely knowing that we are always protected when we speak our soul’s truth. Wear our aquamarine Anima Necklace or The Alice design for greater emotional connection and when taking long journeys overseas”

Aquamarine was believed to have been washed ashore from mermaids’ treasure chests. Meaning ‘sea water’, its association with Neptune, god of the sea, caused sailors to wear it as a talisman for protection against the dangers of sea-faring and sea-sickness. Its hardness made it particularly suitable for intaglio work (the engraving of precious stones) which was practiced throughout the ancient Mediterranean region with images of Olympian deities, heroes and historical figures carved upon aquamarine stones. This practice was revived during the Renaissance along with beliefs about its medical efficacy: like many precious stones it was believed to be a powerful anti-venom along with offering luck and protection to its wearer.

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April – Diamond

A note from Alice: 

“Wear diamond when you want to sparkle with purity of thought and an eternal awareness of your own divinity. My favourite way to wear the diamond birthstone is with our white diamond Halo Earrings, Stud Earrings or the Journey Rings where I chose pavé white diamonds to be front and centre, adding an extra touch of sparkle. To me, diamonds are so timeless and I believe they reflect clarity, purity and divinity as our souls navigate the earthly realm. They are also believed to have the power to amplify energy, promote clarity of thought, and enhance one's inner strength and resilience. A firm favourite for us at Alice van Cal”

Believed to be the tears of the gods, splinters from falling stars or created when lightning strikes the earth, diamonds have developed their own mythology in every culture. According to legend they were once found only within the Valley of the Diamonds, a dangerous and inaccessible place where the ground sparkled with these precious stones. So pure that no man could touch them, they were fiercely guarded by venomous snakes and the only way of obtaining them was with the assistance of wild eagles.

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May – Emerald

 A note from Alice: 

“The colour of unconditional love, emerald soothes the soul and expands the heart – wear our emerald Union Bracelets, The Alice emerald Sphére or classic Halo designs to soothe the soul and for a greater love for life. These powerful stones also symbolizes rebirth, fertility and growth. They are also thought to have a calming effect on emotions, promote mental clarity, and support physical healing”

Emeralds were known and sold in Babylonian markets over six thousand years ago and have long been considered a very powerful stone. They were highly prized by the Incas who used them in religious ceremonies and in jewellery. In Ancient Egypt emeralds were a symbol of fertility and immortality and were favoured by Cleopatra. The Romans believed that the colour of an emerald developed in intensity as it matured, going from a light pale green to a deep ‘emerald’ green. Its deep greens are associated with the heart chakra and offer assistance in owning our hearts allowing us to give, receive and embody more love.

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July – Ruby

A note from Alice: 

“Connecting us with our passions, ruby brings courage and drive supporting us as we find our purpose in life. Wear the Alice van Cal ruby Stud Earrings, Union Bracelets or Anima Necklace designs for the courage to live life with passion. This stone is also thought to energise and balance the body, promote vitality and improve blood circulation. Strongly associated with the root chakra, their deep red makes them especially grounding and protective, enabling the wearer to build deep foundations in life”

Valued above diamonds and prized for their deep red colour for centuries, rubies have been attributed the power of life and associated with both love and anger. Burmese warriors believed the stones would make them invincible in battle and inserted them into their skin to take on the stone’s power. One legend has it that rubies were so prolific that crows would carry the stone in their claws whilst rulers of the country adorned everything from shoes to daggers with them. In Sanskrit, the word for ‘ruby’ translates as, the “king of precious stones” 

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August – Peridot

A note from Alice: 

“A stone of abundance, fertility and feminine power, wear peridot for creativity, birthing new ideas and attracting prosperity. It is also associated with reducing stress, promoting clarity, and fostering emotional balance. I suggest wearing our Anima Necklace with peridot, Journey Ring or Blue Tit ring which all include this precious stone, otherwise known as the "Gem of the Sun", I hope it brings you warmth and positive energy”

Peridot is sacred to the Hawaiian goddess of fire and volcanoes, Pele. The tiny green stones, abundant in Hawaii, are called ‘Pele’s diamonds’. In one legend about the origins of the volcanic islands, Pele was seeking to escape her jealous sister, the goddess of the water. She ran to the Pacific Ocean where she created islands by erupting into fire but each time her sister would thwart her efforts with huge waves. Eventually she was able to rest after birthing the largest volcano of all, Mauna Loa. Traces of Pele can be found across the islands: her hair - fine strands of volcanic glass; her tears - formed when drops of lava shoots out so quickly into the air it cools instantly, and; her diamonds.

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September – Blue Sapphire

A note from Alice: 

“Sapphires allow us to see more clearly as we access the truth of our soul’s knowing. Wear our blue sapphire Stud Earrings, Anima Necklace or The Alice design for the wisdom, insight and serenity that sapphires bring. There’s a reason that sapphires are probably the most popular stone I work with at Alice van Cal, as they also symbolise loyalty, nobility, and divine favour. It promotes a peaceful state of mind in which we are able to perceive life’s deep truths without the interference of emotion or ego”

Associated with Apollo, god of truth, prophecy and healing, it was worn by those hoping to receive insight when seeking the advice from the Oracle of Delphi. It’s deep blue colour is the colour of divine love and the foundation of all things. In Ancient Persia it was believed that the earth rested on a giant sapphire pedestal and its reflection gave the sky its glorious blue colour. Sapphire found in the earth were chips from the pedestal and a token of the original wisdom of creation.

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October - Opal 

A note from Alice: 

“A deeply mystical stone, opals are closely connected with communication and creation. Wear our white opal Stud Earrings or The Alice designs for your wishes to be heard and for your deepest desires to manifest. The Alice blue opal and diamond eclipse is one of our most signature designs at Alice van Cal and it remains so close to my heart. Especially as opals are also associated with inspiration, creativity and love”

The iridescent play of light within opal has connected them closely with rainbows and messages from the divine across cultures. The opal outcrops found in Australia were sacred to Aboriginal Australians and featured prominently in their creation stories and due to their mystical properties, opals were used only in spiritual ceremonies. In Ancient Hindu myth, opals were believed to be a form of crystalline rainbow, created after the goddess of the rainbow had fallen to the ground. In Ancient Greece, the goddess Iris travelled on rainbows as she delivered good news from the gods.

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November - Citrine

A note from Alice: 

“Citrines are stones made of solid sunbeams, they radiate happiness and helps us to engage with life optimistically. Wear our Journey Ring, Blue Tit Ring or Anima Necklace to support your drive, determination and motivation. They are also symbolic of wealth and prosperity alongside being associated with boosting energy, promoting positivity and enhancing creativity. And more obviously, they radiate so much joy!”

This powerful sun stone radiates happiness and encourages you to look at the future with optimism. Each day the sun god, Helios, rode his chariot through the sky pulling the sun from beneath the horizon to its highest point. In certain parts of the ancient world the midday sun was so intense that the light would crystallise as it reached the earth: citrine is solid sunbeams. Intensely uplifting, it reinforces the solar plexus - the energetic centre of our power, drive and motivation - and strengthens our sense of self. Containing the energy of the sun its bright yellows immediately remind us of hot, sunny happy days and the promise of summer.

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December - Turquoise and Tanzanite

A note from Alice: 

“Turquoise is believed to enhance communication, balance emotions, and promote spiritual well-being whereas tanzanite is thought to stimulate insight, increase spiritual awareness, and facilitate deep meditation. Know when you are wearing one of these stones, it will be helping to ground your dreams into reality and know that your prayers will always be answered. Turquoise is also known for its protective properties and is associated with good fortune and strength whereas tanzanite is a rare gem symbolizing spiritual awakening and transformation.”

Tanzanite is found in the foothills of Kilimanjaro. Legend has it that, thousands of years ago on the Maasai Steppe in Tanzania, the leader of the Maasai people took the perilous journey up Mount Kilimanjaro to pray for rain after years of drought. He left his daughter, Ayanda, in charge as ruler but the seasons continued to pass without relief. One night she had a dream in which she met her father and he guided her to a vast lake with depths of the deepest indigo. She set off in search of the lake, walking for weeks through her arid lands until finally she reached a valley hidden in the Merelani Hills. There in front of her was the lake her father had shown her in her dreams. As she caught sight of his face in the water she reached in to touch it; as she did so it vanished, shattering into a thousand tiny pieces. Lifting her hand from the water she watched a droplet fall into her lap and saw it transform into a gem the colour of the lake. She gasped in wonder and held it up to the sky smiling in awe and felt the first long-awaited drop of rain land upon her face.




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