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An attitude of gratitude

For me, gratitude is the cornerstone of a spiritual life and it’s the lens through which I choose to see the world through every single day. Everything you need to practice gratitude is already in your mind, but it’s about choosing to acknowledge those elements to truly feel the benefits. I want to help people unlock the power of gratitude and apply it to their daily lives, so here are my tips:
1. Acknowledging What You Already Have
Practicing gratitude involves recognizing the beauty in life's simple, everyday moments. Acknowledging what you have doesn't need to be the grand or extravagant things; it's about finding beauty in the simplicity of daily life, that’s where it all begins and it is in these moments that the foundation of gratitude is built. This fosters positivity and shifts your focus from what you lack to what you have. In essence, acknowledging what you already have is a fundamental aspect of gratitude because it helps to totally shift your perspective 
2. Expressing Thanks
Whether it's cherishing the smallest moments with my children, or the daily ritual my husband and I have of sharing three things we're grateful for—it all stems from the depths of gratitude. I ask my family every night before bed what three things they are grateful for today. My children might mention little things like ice cream or their friends in the playground, my husband and I might list how beautiful the sunset was today or even how thankful we are to be here today with the ability to walk. I also find practicing this before you sleep will gradually shift your mindset towards positivity, as you’re not giving your mind time to spiral 
3. Trust The Process 
Trusting the process is all about having faith in ‘the best is yet to come’. As humans, we have to believe that everything will always fall into place and learn better to appreciate being in the moment where we are right now – so be kind to yourself and say thank you as often as you can, whether it’s to your friends, family or even the universe. You are where you’re meant to be right now on your journey 
4. Learning Lessons 
Life naturally comes with both positive and negative elements. However, instead of fixating on the negative aspects, cultivate gratitude by acknowledging that life's journey may not always be smooth. Embrace mistakes and challenges as opportunities for growth, confident that each experience is a valuable lesson that contributes to your overall inner-peace and success 
5. New Traditions and Positive Habits 
By instilling a practice of gratitude into our daily family life, I am nurturing an ongoing tradition within our home that fosters respect and a deep appreciation for abundance in my children. I am guiding them to extend respect to all aspects of life, including people, animals, minerals, nature and knowing that when respect is present, gratitude inevitably blossoms


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