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Caring for your jewellery

Your beautiful Alice van Cal piece deserves due care and will benefit from regular cleaning and careful handling. Each piece is delivered in a soft cloth pouch and a sturdy box in which it can be stored to protect it and keep it looking its best.
Here are a few tips to help protect and look after your piece.
    Store your Alice van Cal piece in its own individual box to protect it against scratches and prevent it from losing stones, especially when travelling.
    Please note: If your centre stone is opal, do not store your piece in a very dry area. Opal draws moisture from the air, so storing it in a sealed safe or box could do more harm than good.
    Washing and cleaning:
    18K gold jewellery should be cleaned regularly to maintain its beauty and shine. Use water and a soft, lint-free cloth (or your pouch) to clean your piece and to keep it looking shiny and lustrous.
    Most coloured gemstones can also be cleaned using warm water, mild soap (without detergent) and a soft brush. Rinse your piece in a glass of water to remove all residue - this way, you’ll avoid dropping it in the sink.
    Be careful with light and heat:
    In the same way that the sun can be harmful to our skin, light and heat can damage a coloured gemstone. Over time, light can affect a gemstone’s durability and colour and could cause it to fade. Excessive heat and sudden changes in temperature may also cause certain gems to crack.
    To protect your precious stones, store your pieces in a cool, dark place and beware of overexposing them to heat and light. 
    Store your piece away from chemicals and beauty products:
    Exposure to chemicals may damage or discolour gold and could harm precious stones. Although all Alice van Cal pieces are made with high quality, 18K gold, it is advisable to store your jewellery away from everyday beauty products and cleaning materials.


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