About the designer


When passion meets the joy of life, a designer like Alice van Cal is born. Not satisfied with simply creating ordinary pieces of jewellery, Alice, who was born in Belgium but currently resides in London, found herself looking for something more. As she honed her skills working on leading luxury brands across London, Alice realised that one thing was missing from the world of jewellery: timeless pieces which you can adapt and wear in multiple ways but also that are relevant and meaningful to the person wearing them. Inspired by this idea, and the desire of spreading happiness with her craft, Alice started sourcing the finest materials and applying her keen eye for detail and meticulous care to her own line of bespoke jewellery – jewellery that not only tells a unique story and inspires happiness but promises to be timeless, versatile and elegant.

Alice’s aim is for her clients to build the happiest moments of their lives while wearing daily their Alice van Cal creations and to give back to the world recognising how fortunate and grateful we are.

The brand Motto is “A statement of Joy” as we believe this is what jewellery is meant to be created for.