Alice van Cal’s earliest memory of jewellery is playing with her grandmother’s locket necklace during her childhood. At only twenty-two, the Belgian-born designer arrived in London for an internship within the sales department at Richemont-owned, Baume & Mercier. Her love for jewellery, however, unsurprisingly lead her to roam the Cartier workshop - also located within the Richemont building - during her free time. Alice became the workshop leader’s protégé, gaining an exclusive insight to the jewellery manufacturing process, and most importantly learning how flexible gold can be.

It goes without saying that it was here where Alice’s passion for jewellery began to flourish, and soon after, this experience would inspire her to create her signature four-in-one jewellery design: “The Alice”.  

As Alice continued to immerse herself within the world of jewellery, cultivating her design skills and expertise, she realised, however, that one thing was missing: timeless pieces that you can not only adapt and wear in multiple ways but that are also significant and meaningful to the person wearing them. Since the launch of her company in 2018, Alice has embarked on a mission to create unique bespoke jewellery that promises to be timeless, versatile and elegant. Sourcing the finest materials and applying her meticulous care and talent, she is driven by the desire of spreading happiness through her craft.
All of Alice’s designs are a reflection of her bright and joyful personality, as well as of the way she has lead and continues to lead her life. It’s all about sensitivity, living life with gratitude, and always striving to have a warm generous attitude towards others. “To give is to receive”, a concept that Alice has engraved in her heart and which both her mother and grandmother instilled in her from a young age. Naturally, her jewellery is designed to give. To give joy and pleasure to the person who wears it, to give value to the one who owns it and to give to the world it is inspired by; each month Alice donates proceeds to selected charities.   “The empowering energy that a piece of jewellery can bring never ceases to amaze me,” recounts Alice.

Her aim is for her clients to experience the happiest moments of their lives whilst wearing their Alice van Cal creations.