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A word about the collection

Inspired by the joy of life and with the aim to create high-quality, stunning pieces of jewellery, all Alice van Cal pieces are handcrafted using only the finest materials. All the creations in the collection are created with 18K yellow, white or rose gold that is complemented by striking black and white diamonds and colourful precious stones, including sapphires, emeralds and rubies.

However, it’s the designer’s unique approach to jewellery design that sets the collection apart. Her love for beautiful design and avant-garde style has resulted in the creation of unique pieces that can be worn and enjoyed in multiple ways. Alice encourages her clientele to play, stack, experiment, mix & match and experience the versatility of her designs but also daring to wear colourful pieces on a daily basis as they can  complement any existing pieces.

Our aim is for our clients to smile while observing their Alice van Cal designs, which is why we have engraved inside Our Union and Journey Bracelets our brand Motto  “A Statement of Joy” as we believe this is what jewellery is meant for.


The Alice:

This unique versatile piece of jewellery is Alice van Cal’s signature piece and possibly the best value for money investment you can make in fine jewellery. Yes! You can wear The Alice in 4 different and beautiful ways.
The Alice designs come with a 22 inches chain and can be worn in multiple ways either as a necklace, bracelet or decoratively as a piece of hand jewellery, and with an additional fitting can also be worn as an earring. 


The Union Bracelet:

The special bonds and relationships between people make life meaningful and beautiful -this is the inspiration behind the Union Bracelet.
The two diamond rows represent life and personality, and the colourful centre row symbolises the paths we walk together, how we grow together and the experiences we all share.
The Union Bracelet provides such a unique style statement that you will never want to take it off.
Set in a channel setting of princess cuts in the centre, with brilliant cut diamonds either side.


The Journey Bracelet:

Is inspired by the small things that make life worthwhile and symbolise your  individual life path, where each stone represents the different aspects of our lives that are the most important– friends, family, memories and moments. The design is easily stackable and may be worn everyday – it’s elegant and has a “go with everything” quality feel.


The Studs and Halos Earrings:

Consistent with her vision of being able to wear a single piece of jewellery in several ways, Alice created an earring halo that positions around different precious stones from the collection.

Be playful with the creations, mix and match them.

There are 3 ways to wear the earrings: either wear the stud on its own; with a halo around your selected precious stone or with The Alice Pendant which transforms into a drop earring.


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