The Alice Black and White Diamond Sphère

This unique and versatile creation is a clip pendant that may be worn as a Necklace, or as a Bracelet, or as a wrap-around Hand Jewel or as a Drop Earring.
Designer's note :
The Black Diamond Sphère Adot Alice was created to give joy and pleasure to the person who wears it, it adds beauty to us on the outside and it makes us beautiful on the inside by affording us the opportunity to give to others.
The Adot Alice highlights that we can make choices that not only make us beautiful and happy but makes others happy too. The natural cycle of energy of 3giving is receiving" is created. The balance between both energies of giving and receiving makes us and others filled with love.
For every one of the Adot Alice sold, all profits will go towards Soneva Foundation and Mothers 2 Mothers via Adot.

Every Alice Necklace includes an earring extension and a 22 inch chain with 5 additional loops so it may be worn at different lengths and in 4 distinct different ways.

Design details:
Black Diamond
White Diamond Halos in grain setting – Carat weight: 0.45ct
18K White Gold
18K White Gold 22 inch chain with 5 holes
18K White Gold earring extension

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