The Alice Multi Colours Eclipse Yellow Gold

      This unique and versatile creation is a clip pendant that may be worn as a Necklace, or as a Bracelet, or as a wrap-around Hand Jewel or as a Drop Earring.
      Designer's note:
      I wanted to create a piece that would represent the sunset and the sunrise both together. The yellow central sapphire is the sun, around it is the sunrise and the sunset that completes our day. By wearing it, it makes me appreciate every beginning and ending of each and every day.

      Design details:
      Yellow Central Sapphire – Carat weight: 1.15ct
      Halos multi Sapphires in grain setting – Carat weight: 0.45ct
      18K Yellow Gold
      18K Yellow Gold 22 inch chain with 5 holes
      18K Yellow Gold earring extension
      Every Alice Necklace includes an earring extension and a 22 inch chain with 5 additional loops so it may be worn at different lengths and in 4 distinct different ways.

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