The Dusk & Dawn Tennis Necklace


Please allow up to 8 weeks for production and delivery.

Designed with the intention to be worn from Dusk until Dawn or never taken off its wearer’s neck due to its comfortable finish, with two equal halves of brilliant diamonds and coloured precious gemstones, this unique necklace is seamlessly secured with our signature invisible clasp.

Designer's note:
The inspiration for the Necklace came from the sunset & the sunrise and the idea of wearing one single necklace design for 2 occasions of the day.
Once you wear your Dusk & Dawn Tennis Necklace, you never take it off as you wear it for your activities during the day and during the evening, by simply rotating it.

Design details:
White Diamond and Multi Sapphires Tennis Necklace
Diamond carat weight: 4.32ct
Multi Sapphires carat weight: 5.50ct
Gold weight: +/- 19.72gr
18K Rose Gold and our Signature Invisible Clasp

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